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Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
There's a few things I'd point out, weapons slots, and weapons mounted are not equal to the weapons displayed on the ship. If I mount three dual heavy cannons, they don't fire from 3 pairs on the wings, the same two fire more often. The same is true of torpedo tubes etc. Think of it more of enhancing the recharge/reload rate rather than anything else. Now, with that in mind, do you think a Nova's dinky little warpcore could recharge phasers as rapidly as an Intrepid's?

Another point to consider, if we assume a Nova can be dragged up to that standard, the same technology would be applicable to the Intrepid as well, bear in mind the Intrepid's not more advanced, it's just got more of what's there, as they're roughly contemorary. Thus if you improve the Nova by 50% to reach Intrepid standard (arbitary number), you could improve the rather larger Intrepid by the same ammount, logically, the disparity between the two would likely remain the same. This applies more to small ships than ships past a certain size, since I think past a point you can fit anything into a ship.

The B'rel is anomolous and there was no real explaination for it's existance, I will admit this freely. However, the Bird of Prey has been many, many different strengths and sizes in it's long career and is possibly the least consistant ship in all of Star Trek, as such, it's also impossible to do "wrong" so to speak. I'll also point out that unless anyone has hoarded their tier 1 B'rel from way back in the day, they no longer exist in game due to the KDF starting at commander, so in essense, the whole "it's the same ship as the tier 1 B'rel" has been effectively retconned out of the game.

I do think the tier system's a littler arbitary however. I also understand the frustration of not having your favourite ship as one of the one's available at endgame. In my case, it's the K't'inga, but I've learned to live with it, and all in all, flying it at LG is more or less how a K't'inga would probably perform in the 25th century anyhow.

One of the biggest problems is we all have ships we like, but there has to be "hero" ships and "red shirt" ships, and nobody wants their's being the one that generally fills the big CGI battles up and explodes quickly while the Galaxy's and Vor'cha's do the "big" things.

And Reyan, queueing for STFs in a tier 2 ship? Some tier 5 cruisers feel almost like deadweight, a tier 2 science ship could easily be considered griefing.
Could - but I enjoy smacking the BOP's and making a pest of myself to the larger ships by targeting their shields. I could take my Science Odyssey into them, and have done, but frankly - I enjoy it more in my Nova refit, it's as well kitted-out for the task as I can make it, and if the Cruiser crowd can play the way they want why can't I?

As daft as it may sound, I almost feel as if I'm more effective in my Nova Refit than I am in my Science Oddy. I don't see why STF's should be a Tier-5 only club.