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04-03-2012, 02:05 PM
Originally Posted by superchum
CC in STO is non-existent since 2010.
Really? All those people that start the whine threads about Science abilities being OP (and the subsequent nerfs) would probably disagree. Even up to a few months back GW was so powerful it could hold entire groups of player ships tight to be destroyed by their own team mates warp core explosions.
The only reason Science is falling out of favour now is because someone felt that allowing people to have up to 75% resistance to Science abilities was a good idea, even after reducing the effectiveness of Science abilities with the S5 changes. But that's a problem that affects all Science ships, not just the Nebula.

Originally Posted by Superchum
The Nebula isn't the best at doing that.
Other than the Odyssey and D'Kyr (which is not far off identical to the Nebula), which other Fed ship can carry Extend Shields 2 and multiple copies of TSS? Those two abilities right there just made whoever you're using on them a lot tougher than they would be without and to use them the Nebula sacrifices very little, certainly not what an Intrepid or RSV would sacrifice; it's most powerful shield resistance buff.
But even then it still doesn't change the simple fact that the Nebula is still a Science ship with an LT and Ensign rather than LTC Sci (assuming you use the LT as a Science officer). The presence of an LTC Tac in the Excelsior doesn't change its role so much that it's useless and the slightly different stations of the Nebula don't alter its role so much that it has no niche to fill.