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Hi, I'm new. If I say something dumb I apologize.

I just unlocked the duty officer system on my second character. On my first character, I had no problems. Everything worked fine. When I walked up to the Personnel Officer in the Academy (any personnel officer) on this character it gives me three options:

1) Submit Request for Personnel
2) Reassign Underperforming Personnel
3) Done

However, on my new level seven character when I talk to the same officer I only see "Done" as an option. The first two choices don't even show up in the dialog pop-up. I can and have been sending my existing duty officers on assignments, so I'm pretty sure the system turned "on" when I hit seven, yet I cannot access these dialog missions.

Please help

EDIT: also, I forgot. Some mission givers onboard my ship will only give me a "Done" option as well (specifically, the counselor and the computer on the deck)

EDIT2: it seems the problem fixed itself. I hit level 10, went back to the Academy, and now I can access these dialogue choices