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I filed this as bug #1,317,978 a moment ago. But, for the purposes of making sure the bug is seen/known about (I couldn't find it elsewhere), there are 2 bugs with this assignment that I can see.

A.) The assignment I'm on (#4: Perform Additional Forensic Sweeps of Facility 4028) lists itself in sector space as 4/4. (This is wrong.)
B.) The duty officer assignment chains screen lists in the summary that I've completed 3 out of 5 steps. However, there are 6 assignments. This is also wrong. It should say 3/6 complete .
#1 - Attend Briefing at Facility 4028 About Escaped Dominion Prisoners Done
#2 - Investigate Facility 4028 Prisoner Database for Leads Done
#3 - Perform Forensic Sweep of Facility 4028 Done
#4 - Perform Additional Forensic Sweeps of Facility 4028 In progress
#5 - Bribe Locals for Assistance Not done
#6 - Raid Safehouse of Facility 4028 Fugitives Not done

Edit to add (04/04/2012):
C.) According to the duty officer spreadsheet, apparently completing this 4th step BLOCKS future steps in the chain from being acquired and/or completing them. I'll confirm this over the next few days. If it is indeed the case, it would point to another issue to be resolved.