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Originally Posted by superchum View Post
It has comparable control/support with inferior DPS and not quite as much tanking ability as a cruiser.

Anything else is really just trying to justify using the ship. It's not the best at DPS or at tanking. And to become great at control/support it will have to make sacrifices that other tanking focused ships won't have to make.

And it will never compete in DPS.
Compete in DPS compared to what?

The raw DPS of weapons mounted on an Escort? Or a DPS specced Cruiser?
That's pretty obvious, and not what the ship is about.

How does it not being the "best" at Tanking or DPS disagree with the reasoning that I posted?

The point I'm making is that it can contribute noticable DPS, whilst simultaneously being effective at other things like healing, buffing and crowd control.

I really shouldn't need to try to "justify" the ship. It's not meant to be the best at DPS, or the best at tanking. It's a versatile ship, not a specialist. It's a JACK OF ALL TRADES, in a game that is basically built for non-specialists. The gravy is that it can be built to be very good at a support role, whilst simultaneously losing little of its effectiveness in DPS or Survivability.

On DPS: A Nebula will have sensor analysis and the ability to apply a host of Science debuffs, not to mention Gravity Well III and a DEM II. It's also the only Fed Science vessel that's able to run at 125 Weapons power constantly without giving up more than half its Engineering BOFF slots (and thus means it is also able to run a permanent EPTS at the same time). That puts it on par or above the other Sci ships, since even if you redirect your power levels into AUX for support, EPTW means you're still outputting a noticable level of damage at the same time. And all that is even before you take into account the fact that the universal LT slot also lets you slot a second Tac BOFF if you wish to. I'd call that DPS "reasonable", compared to other Science vessels and Tanking/Support (not DPS) specced Cruisers.

"Tanking Focussed" ships may well have slightly more survivability than a Nebula; due to them likely having more hull and a Commander Engineering Slot, but they will struggle to be able to hit the same levels of Aux Power (for spike Buffs/Healing/CC) and they certainly won't be able to use as high level Science Abilities. The Nebula is practically tailor-made for a support/cc role in endgame missions like "The Cure"... reasonably survivable, more manueverable than a cruiser, and able to lay out ridiculous amounts of healing and CC to protect the Kang whilst losing little in the way of DPS (yes, obviously not as much as a dedicated DPS ship, but enough to take out some incoming enemy vessels in ESTFs and at least noticably contribute to the overall team's damage via a combination of it's own raw firepower combined with its debuffing potential).

And finally, as the previous poster mentioned: for Shield Healing, it can slot a Transfer Shield Strength III and a Extend Shields II (something that no Cruiser save the Odyssey can do). For Hull healing, it can slot a Hazard Emitters III and an Engineering Team III. You could even use that Universal BOFF slot for another Sci BOFF if you wanted to.

It's a very versatile ship. If you don't think that translates into "useful", then fair enough, I'm not going to attempt to continually force you to agree with me and there are a lot of other ship choices in STO (like the Tac Assault Cruiser quoted in the thread title - Drat. I've wandered waaay Off Topic again... >.< )