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04-03-2012, 05:08 PM
The round bit's where the "magic" happens, the tube like protrusions above and blow it with the magnetic constrictors merely serve as a means of getting the matter and antimatter into the intermix chamber where their reaction is regulated by the dilithium crystals. Defiant's "round bit" is actually on a par with a Galaxy class warpcore. Voyager used a sort of linnear intermix chamber, and I remeber Equinox's engineering being relatively rudimentry and small.

Edit: I will admit my recollection of Equinox's engineering is hazy, but I remembered it being similar to the one on Riker's Constellation class ship in "Peak Performance" in terms of size and space of the room and it's hardware.

Second edit: Ok, I did a sucky job conveying what is at least, how I imagine a Matter/Antimatter reactor works, so here's an amazingly awesome paint diagram, I know, I should be working for NASA really.

Right, the blue is the matter, the red is the antimatter. The green are the injectors, and they push both down the tubes, to stop the antimatter reacting with anything prior to reaching the intermix champer, there are magnetic constrictors, which I assume stop it touching anything. Now, when they get to "the round bit", that's where the matter antimatter reaction takes place, which is regulated by the dilithium crystals. The ammount of matter and antimatter at once would be limited by the size of the chamber, and quantity/purity of the dilithium crystals. From there, the blue and red squiggles that represent matter and antimatter become whatever the biproduct of that reaction is, and go through the EPS conduits as pinky purpley squiggles. Or, plasma. This part was always a little hazy for me. But I am sure it's merely the round part of the reactor that's the "engine" so to speak, the cylendrical projections above and below are more like glorified fuel lines/fuel injectors. I assume so, anyhow.