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04-03-2012, 05:34 PM
Originally Posted by lucianazeta
I think that ''new type of cube'' that is downright impossible to beat with just 5 people should be the much rumored Borg Diamond.
I disagree, we've seen three sizes/types of Cube in the Canon, the "normal" (Patrol) Cube (seen extensively in Voyager, smaller than the Cubes from System J-25 and Wolf 359, what we see in game now) , the larger Tactical Cube, and massive "Invasion" Cube (seen at J-25 and Wolf 359). We have the first two in-game, but not the third.

A long while ago, I detailed what that Cube should be, and how it should work. It should be between 1.5 and 2 times the size of the current "patrol" Cubes, and run on 5 scripts, one on each side, independently targeting different weapons to as to allow the Cube to target several ships at once, with a fifth script running to navigate the vessel.

With a Hull and Shields easily twice to 3X as powerful as a Borg Tactical Cube, it should be the ultimate Space enemy, above and beyond any other, it should take a fleet (akin to Wolf 359 or the Battle of Sector 001) to take it down.