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Captain’s Log, Stardate 86259.41;Vice Admiral Charles Adam Antilles, commanding USS Deliverance. The USS Deliverance is on patrol in the Xarantine Sector, near the Hromi Cluster. Since this is the front lines of the war, we’re at standing yellow alert, but I’ve allowed my science officer to indulge themselves. This is an Odyssey-class starship, I say it’s about time we used it to fulfill Starfleet scientific mandate a bit. Well; that, and the fact that there’s a chance we might uncover some hidden Klingon machination in the Cluster. I hope not, though…
“Admiral Antilles to the bridge!” The aforementioned admiral looked up from his terminal, then rose and strode out. When he entered the bridge, he raised the left eyebrow above the cybernetic implant that marked him as a Liberated Borg. He was Human, mostly. “Commander Enloe, report.” The Trill woman did as asked, saying, “Sir, I’m detecting a ship dropping out of warp less than three parsecs from here. The vessel is bearing Three Two Seven mark Zero Zero Three.” The admiral thought, Klingons? No… They would have dropped out of warp cloaked… and right on top of us. This is something else. Antilles asked, “Can you identify it?” Enloe shook her head.
Admiral Antilles considered the position for a moment, and then spoke to his helmsman, a Human male by the name of Sanford. “Lieutenant Sanford… lay in an intercept course, warp two.”
The massive bulk that was the Deliverance dropped out of warp not far from the ship. It was practically just a wing with warp nacelles, similar to old United Earth designs Antilles had seen in his childhood history textbooks. “Can you identify it now, Commander?” Enloe furrowed her brows and said, “Sir, the vessel matches nothing in our databanks. Judging by the rudimentary design… oh my…” She paused. Antilles said, “Enloe?”
The Lieutenant Commander spoke again. “Sir, judging by the rudimentary design, I think we’re looking at a Warp Prototype. A veritable Phoenix.”
Needless to say, Antilles nearly lost his jaw. He’s been in almost constant fights for almost a year… and now he was about to make First Contact with an alien race.
Enloe chimed in again. “Sir, I’m getting odd readings from the life signs on that ship… these sensors must be malfunctioning…”
“The life signs are registering as Human.”
Antilles paused, then tapped the comm on his chair. “Bridge to Engineering; Thas, when’s the last time you ran a diagnostic on the sensors?”
“I finished a Level Four diagnostic a few hours ago, sir.”
“Was there any sort of issue?”
“No, sir; in fact, they’re working BETTER than usual.”
“Well, thank you anyway, Thas… Start another one. There’s a prototype Warp ship out there; but according to these sensors, we’re about to make first contact with Humans.”
“Uh… I’ll get right on that, sir… Thas out.” He sounded confused.

The Deliverance followed the ship back to its homeworld, then sent the admiral, Thas, Seven, Enloe, and Omet’iklan (a Jem’Hadar that had recently come into Antilles’s service) to the surface. They were shocked to see that the people were, in fact, human. “Impossible…” Enloe muttered.
And why is that?
The voice came from everywhere… and nowhere. The Away Team looked about for the speaker. Antilles cried out, “Who are you? Where?!”
There was a flash of light. “Oh, mon capitaine, that hurts. Don’t tell me you don’t remember little old me…”
The Away Team spun. “Why didn’t I expect this from you… Q?”
The omnipotent being (dressed in the garb that Zefram Cochrane wore at First Contact) said, “I don’t know. I thought, since you like your spaceships, that I’d throw a little party to commemorate the 346th anniversary of your species blasting itself faster than light, with a little reenactment…”
Antilles sighed. Today WAS, in fact, First Contact Day.
“Q, you got the ship wrong.” Antilles was annoyed.
“Yes, I know. I rather like that design better, though.”
“I don’t really care, Q. Please, return the planet to its original state.”
“Oh, you spoil-sport. Fine… but keep an eye out, I still intend to celebrate…”
There was another flash of light, and the Away Team was on the bridge. The planet on the viewscreen seemed lifeless.
“Hail Starfleet Command… I think they need to know about this incident.”