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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
as it stands currently, if you don't have at least acc x2 weapons, up to half your shots will miss even cruisers with maxed out evasion skill, moving fast enough to get nearly 60 defense score, escorts you will be lucky to hit at all. i had to retire my polarized tetryon beams because they are just so inaccurate with no acc mods on them at all, and FAW no longer makes them guarantee hits, a good thing really, wasn't fair. acc 3 weapons are really the only way to go, with them i literally don't miss anything, even escorts evasiveing in circles around me.

so, a special weapon, or any weapon really with no acc mods is nearly useless right now without a really strong tractor beam or something to hold opponents still so they have a defense penalty. any one who is smart enough to max evasion and fly fast enough to max out their evasion score at all times has literally twice the survivability of someone who doesn't.
Well you dont have to retire your old beams just get a new ship i know that the new oddisy class has a hidden buff on it if you will it esentualy the more you shoot at something the more accurate you get this is mentioned in stoked 115 i beleve