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04-03-2012, 08:52 PM
Originally Posted by Maelwys
"Tanking Focussed" ships may well have slightly more survivability than a Nebula; due to them likely having more hull and a Commander Engineering Slot, but they will struggle to be able to hit the same levels of Aux Power (for spike Buffs/Healing/CC) and they certainly won't be able to use as high level Science Abilities. The Nebula is practically tailor-made for a support/cc role in endgame missions like "The Cure"... reasonably survivable, more manueverable than a cruiser, and able to lay out ridiculous amounts of healing and CC to protect the Kang whilst losing little in the way of DPS (yes, obviously not as much as a dedicated DPS ship, but enough to take out some incoming enemy vessels in ESTFs and at least noticably contribute to the overall team's damage via a combination of it's own raw firepower combined with its debuffing potential).
This is exactly why I'm looking at the Nebula. Thanks so much for posting the detailed info