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04-04-2012, 03:31 AM
Originally Posted by Denaru
So would this setup greatly vary with having only 6 points Flow Capacitors?
Or would anti proton be more effective?

Sorry if I am sounding like a complete noob.

So far I have the omega deflector and Borg console
Its been a while since I crunched the numbers, but I think 6 points in flow capacitors gets you around 22 bonus damage per shot if you max your consoles.

Antiproton weapons are more useful for escorts; dual heavy cannons hit harder to begin with, so their crits are extra hard with AP. If you're using single beams, which all cruisers should be except for a few very specific builds, then because they have a lower base damage the AP proc is less useful unless you get a lucy shot with BO3. I think tetryon beams would be better for your build. While you're grinding out the sets, a Tachyon deflector array will boost flow capacitors slightly, especially if you can find one with the [FlwC] modifier.