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04-04-2012, 05:33 AM
Originally Posted by Denaru
Hi everyone,

I just recently started STFs.

Am running an excel refit, with mark X Jem space set

I got my first bit of Borg salvage to get either the Maco, Omega
Deflector, or should I just go for mk xi Jem set ?

Thanks in advance
Complete the Jem set. You can do this on your own and not have to worry about the rare drops from STFs.

The most entertaining thing about the STF sets is that you can only get them through doing STFs and they tend to be tweaked to help you do ... more STFs. You can do everything else just super duper fine in this game without those sets.

Example: Finishing up levelling in your Colonial tier in DOFF missions. You can do that floating in space in a shuttle.

Example: Doing your B'Tran daily mission. You can do that just fine using Mk I shields and deflectors.

Example: All those ground missions where you don't even use a ship.