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04-04-2012, 05:43 AM
Originally Posted by Maelwys
Compete in DPS compared to what?
Every single ship that has:

- More weapons to fire
- More tactical slots to boost damage

The point I'm making is that it can contribute noticable DPS
Below average DPS isn't noticeable. I'll describe the Nebula in the same terms I once described Joe Johnson of the Atlanta Hawks.

The best thing you can say about Joe Johnson't ability to take over a game is that YES! Joe Johnson was there that evening!

He puts up soft numbers.

You're saying noticeable DPS is telling. What you're telling us is that YES! The Nebula was there! It was there and we noticed it firing at enemies!

That's not GOOD DPS. That's INFERIOR DPS. Compared to ships that actually put out DPS.

If that's your point, well, I'll concede that point.

What you're telling me is that the Nebula is indeed what I said it was. A hybrid that has no distinctive role. It can be replaced by another ship to do whatever it was you planned to do with it in that mission and the replacement can do that role better than it.

It's the Druid of EQ. If that Druid is your personal friend, it's great to have him along on the raid for the social aspects of it all. Raids did, after all, take forever and he filled up that time with more interesting conversation than half the twits in your guild. BUT if you need that spot filled by an effective or efficient healer ... the druid isn't what you're looking for. Or effective or efficient buffs? Or effective or efficient DPS? Nope and nope.

The Nebula can be your favorite ship. And you can fly it and enjoy it.

But noticeable DPS? Fill out a role efficiently?

Nah. Geko saw to it that the ship was going to be jack of a couple of trades and master of none.

Noticeable DPS ... that's probably the best description of mediocrity I've ever read in an MMO forum! Thanks for that.