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04-04-2012, 06:26 AM
The only MMO with a worthwhile ďendgameĒ on the market right now is EVE Online. It has problems that will always keep it relegated to the role of a niche product though. Itís also one of a VERY few games that heavily reward long term subscribers through its actual play mechanics (skill system) which leads to a surprisingly high retention rate. Perhaps, industry best... Shame itís such a griefer haven now.

SWTOR is a successful MMO in the modern sense. Youíre not expected to stick around and play it for more than a few months and then return for content updates. Thatís been true for most MMO releases during the past several years.

I played three characters to cap in SWTOR. I canít imagine doing it again no matter the story lines. I donít care if they release new content. Itís because the actual game play doesnít hold up as fun over time. Same is true of PVP. Of special note, I refuse to discuss Illium. Itís one of the worst MMO ideas / design implementations in a modern MMO.

Basically, I had fun with it for a little while and decided to move on. I canít call it an awful game. I can only compare it to an average girl that under dresses for sex appeal rather than a natural beauty with personality. Thatís a sad note though for the best launch (financially speaking) ever and perhaps the most expensive MMO game of all time.

I wiah I could make my own MMORPG lol...