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# 1 Heretic: Rotgut and Grass
04-04-2012, 08:41 AM
Heretic, nice to see you in DoffJobs last night - thanks for answering our questions.

You mentioned that you are working on uses for our Rotugt and grass, and some ideas hit me:

If I were the Federation or the KDF, I would want to develop diplomatic ties with some of the minority species of the GQ, so I could keep my intelligence up to date on Dominion activities.

Assignment: Establish Intelligence Network in the Gamma Quadrant

A new assignment chain, primarily exploration, diplomatic, and espionage. The rotgut and grass and indeed all the GQ commods could be useds to bribe, host diplo events, etc. Make it a good long chain - like Ghosts, at least - heck, it could even branch.

The end loot could be a "spy network" in the GQ, First time finishing could be a unique VR GQ doff. Make it necessary in the repeatable to repeat multiple steps, like Children's Toys, because it takes several contacts to convince someone to become a spy for you - and have the repeatable rare or very rare GQ doffs.

A thought just before I click submit is that it could branch to different branches of espionage, military, industrial, scientific, etc, and the "spy" that you get at the end could be from a discipline related to the nature of their espionage.

Another thought, just before I clicked submit was that you could even use prototype turret blueprints to bribe - it adds a dimension of questioning how far one might go . . .