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The new KDF mission Alpha is out on Tribble. It is AWESOME.

First off you zone into the Orinth System in Psi Veloum. The map is outstanding. The first word out of my mouth was "whoa!". The new Defera space maps were breath taking when I first saw them. Some of the maps reminded me of space artwork in books I'd have that does from the 70s. The Orinth System space map us another map in that realm. For me, it's absolutely breath taking.

The space mission of the mission sets the stage for the rest of the mission. OK a tiny little spoiler, you beam down into a jungle. The ground map is outstanding as well. I really felt as if I was in a jungle. The environment work is incredible, While running around on the map, I actually felt lost most of the time.I did spent some time backtracking because I though I was moving in a circle a times.

The game play of the mission is very much Klingon. you may choice to walk the path of honor, or not. There are some cut scenes and some voice overs as well. And there are many surprises and encounters which are very much inline for the faction that you will be facing. There is enough combat to keep the most everyone satisfies. There are career specific sub-goals and accolades in the mission. The there is a variation of a mini-game we've encounter before with a suitable accolade. Or you may choice to solve the problem in a very Klingon manner.

Overall it not an overly long mission, with some fun game play, some nice and unique rewards available for the KDF. This mission is a minimum level of 34. So it'sis an excellent excuse to dust off your KDF character and get them leveled up to enjoy this mission.