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04-04-2012, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by cliftona91
OP, Science Vessels are not useless at all. My D'kyr vessel (though gimped a bit because it doesn't have as many officer slots as my Recon vessel), is a deadly machine to face. I have it rigged so it can rapid fire Photon Torpedos constantly and if one of those torpedoes is a Photonic Shockwave Torpedo, stuff isn't moving after getting hit.

Having tested it in a Distress Call (before I had to log off the computer), it is something you would want on your side. My science officer also has an Advanced Escort she can fly in, and with Polarize Hull and APO1, she is immune to being tractored.
Parder, D'Kyr has 12 BOff slots, just like everything else at T5