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04-04-2012, 12:32 PM
Originally Posted by amuneli
No guarantee? The drop rate is low, but not that low. If you've run 300 Elite STFs and not gotten one Prototype Tech you are in the very, very, very, very small minority.

All the people I know who've reached "Starfleet Cross" (150 Elites) have at least 1 and as many as 4 tech pieces.
that minority, is more than minor, hell bran flakes was over 156 to get his, and he's just one notable person. (who would have to chime in here to clarify it if he has it now.) many more have gone hundreds, someone some where totaled his runs to get all of his, and I think, it was a four digit number, if not over.

The fact remains, its way to random and even if it is a minority, they have every right to have that effort pay off as anyone else. btw 150 runs and only 1, speaks to the problem as well, its way to low of a drop rate.

you should take a look at how small the minority is, because i don't think its that minor. More folks are becoming disenchanted with the grind because of this drop rate issue meaning LESS folks doing what little end game we have. Considering how hesitant to make something for a minor game play group they already are, do you want them to stop making end game because its not" Cost effective"?

btw I refuse to even step foot in an stf, why? That drop rate. Sorry, I want to KNOW that at some point I will get the reward for busting my tail. a chance at a chance, is NOT worth the effort it would take.