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04-04-2012, 12:36 PM
Well, "thematically" you wouldn't demote the equivalent to a board member to a forklift operator, which is what going from a bridge officer to a duty officer is similar to.

But, I like the idea, its solid, I think you could even keep the rarity, since (correct me if I am wrong) BOFF rarity only affects what BO skills they have, and those wouldn't relate to DOFF skills

I think an even better addition to this would be if you could pick what specialty the DOFF would have, so you could "downgrade" a tactical officer to a projectile weapons specialist, or energy weapons specialist, or assault squad, etc; and a science BOFF to a deflector specialist, or an matter/antimatter specialist, etc.. Being able to choose that would make it more enticing, and give more options.