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04-04-2012, 05:09 PM
After reading the transcript of the show it appears that nothing has changed. Sounds like Dan trotted out the same old tired and busted arguments of staffing issues, money, faction population size... etc etc.

I think the overall telling statement was when he was asked if he played KDF and he replied, "Only occasionally when I want to test some new content. Like most of our players, I prefer to play my Federation character.." This speaks volumes to me of the underlying attitude and assumptions by management.

Sigh. I'm no doomsayer or conspiracy believer in terms of Cryptic and I certainly don't believe they hate KDF players. I know some of the individual Devs have really gone out of their way to try and get things into the game for us. However after watching events unfold over time since launch and then seeing this interview... it is obvious that at a management level Cryptic's prevailing attitude of apathy towards the KDF simply has not changed, we'll always be an afterthought at best. I would love to be proven wrong in the future, but I gave up holding my breath for it long ago.

"History of the KDF & Cryptic"