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04-04-2012, 07:29 PM
Originally Posted by Issueman
That's fine and dandy, but as a ship especially larger ones, you cannot see them. They are a spec following you stupidly. They are pointless and a great waste of resources.
Logan once said it takes him 8 days to make a new playable ship. I would imagine Pets take much less time - plus many things done in STO are done by Devs on their own time. The entire Captain's Table was done during off hours by Devs just messing around. For all I know some Dev made a Mugato Pet a year ago just for fun and Cryptic is just not getting around to putting it in the game.

And, ultimately, we all have different ideas as to what are wastes of resources. You might like Uniforms while I hate Uniforms and find them a waste of resources. Ultimately Cryptic is just trying to give a little bit to everyone. So the people who like Pets get some Pets. The people who like Uniforms get some Uniforms, and so on. No matter what they do someone is going to consider it to be a waste of time. Thus it the burden of differing opinions.