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04-04-2012, 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by GeneralGaiden
lol this thread is pretty much for carrier pilots and people who love them , not feds who complain and got then nurfed because they didnt have enough brains to figure out how to kill the fighter blobs xDDD
I'm a pro-KDf poster, always have been. I just don't like Carriers, they're not Trek, they're not particularly useful (I can hunt them down and destroy them easily in my Neb), they're slow, barely-functional fail-boats. They were invented and inserted into the game by the folks at Cryptic in a mistaken attempt to make up screwing the pooch on KDF content.

I'd rather they just dedicate any and all resources from Carrier making, Carrier Bug quashing, Carrier balancing, and Carrier C-Store gimmickry to actually making KDF content.

And as for Feds getting a Carrier? Homogenization is the worst, least imaginative, laziest form of balancing possible, and fed Carriers are no more canon than KDF Carriers.. Better to just get rid of them all. It solves a lot more problems than it creates.