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04-04-2012, 11:06 PM
I can't see/hear the interview because, well, the Gates are broken apparently.

However I can say this:

I started KDF Awareness Week as what was supposed to be an Annual event last July.

I did so because a Mod edited one of my posts and gave me a warning for saying "KDF players need to stop whining about lack of content and do something to make the faction more populated and worthwhile to develop content for."

I got mad about the warning because the Mod had no idea what was going on with that statement. So I set out to generate more attention. It was a moderate success due almost entirely to a couple of mentions on podcasts (like STOked and I think at least one other podcast mentioned it last year) and more so due to the dedication of those who volunteered their time and knowledge.

The KDF needs more attention from both the Devs and the Fanbase. Alpha is a step in the right direction and it's one more KDF-only mission we have now that we had before. Even if we only get drops, you get enough drops you have an ocean.

Unfortunately this unauthorized sequel derailed my plans for another KAW this July so I'm looking into developing another, similar, event to take it's place around the same time that will draw attention to the KDF and maybe get more people into it for a weekend event.

I will agree that it's a certain amount of Chicken and egg involved but I do believe that the more the community draws players into the KDF and the more missions Cryptic adds just for the KDF (like the new Alpha mission which sounds really cool) the closer we'll get to having "Two True Factions".

I think they have some terrible leadership at the executive level over all the production teams and so they're obviously being overstretched and forced to NASA this game and the others they're running/developing (faster, cheaper...). Hopefully, the higher ups will realize once Neverwinter is finally released that they can't keep making more games without damaging their reputation to the point that no one buys anything with their name on it because of the assumption that it's hardly finished at launch (relatively speaking in the world of MMOs of course). Then and only then will they dedicate resources to getting a roof on their house before that start pouring the foundations of another that time I hope to see a fully fleshed out Klingon Faction.

With more PvP options (Territory Control), a new STF (WTH is Into the Hive?!) and Fleet Starbases that require a large time committment and a new Crafting system I think they'd have enough to keep Feds busy while they go nose to the grindstone on KDF content. It doesn't even have to be as flashy as the Fed stuff or this Alpha mission. Even some basic simple additional Raiding missions in other sectors or infiltration missions or something would be great.