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Computer, Standard Fractal Encryption Alpha. Begin recording.

Captains Log: Stardate 88254.7

Where to begin... I suppose it was shortly after dropping of a Romulan Dignitary. We had a few things to investigate after a mysterious series of radiation anomalies while we finished our patrol. It had only been a few days and we still hadn't found out why we had an empty bunk that had never been filled nor the irradiated P.A.D.D. Mr. Sabin identified an incoming vessel over the long range sensors. Commander Keating after that confirmed that the ship was entirely unarmed. Aside from deflector fields, the ship didn't even have any form of shields. It was a short range vessel and had only been traveling at warp 3.2. Sabin interjected that this could be the first time that this species had made a warp flight. As much as I hated to do this protocol dictated that we extend an olive branch for first contact. Initially we had sent a standard hail. No response. While scanning the ship it was T'Pal that suggested using older forms of communications. Radio waves and other signal forms. It wasn't long before there was an open dialog. At least until the U.S.S. Geist had pulled into view.

Granted the Geist isn't the most impressive ship in the fleet, but as a heavily armed Escort, it seemed equivalent to sending a sword instead of a handshake. Once constant was re-established the pilot apologized. Apparently they had a moment of awe as the ship flew between them and the nearest star and they were, we'll say, slightly overwhelmed. The shuttle was small enough to fit in docking bay one so we decided to for go transporters until we knew a little bit more about the Species physiology to see if it were safe. I hadn't thought anything of it until we had a small greeting party down to the shuttle bay to welcome our guests but as a tactical vessel this was our first first contact as well as theirs. While we had scanned the ship for threats we neglected to verify the species. Commander Keating and myself had quite a surprise when three normal looking humans stepped out.

Needless to say even Mr. Sabin had raised a pointed eyebrow when one of the pilots pointed at him and said Vhul 'Khan. The dialect was a little hard at times, but what originally was mistaken as the universal translator having difficulty understanding was more of the visitors speaking plain (if not very rough) version of English. Bringing them up to sick bay I continued our first contact protocol while Dr. E'Saul ran a few tests to confirm suspicions. They were indeed human. As we relocated to the conference room we gave them a brief tour of the ship, even stopping by the Mess Hall for food. Apparently Alcohol is quite a commodity to their people, seen as a luxury item for their first class citizens. Even though it was replicated, the three pilots seemed excited by the Champagne I had brought up as a celebratory gift. Chief Engineer Fine had been brought up to discuss their ship and again, it had taken another long pause before talks resumed as the Borg are a ghost story of sorts, tales they use to scare their children. There was a shockingly advanced knowledge of warp mechanics although. So much so that the only limits on the design of their ship was that their technology wasn't nearly as advance. They literally couldn't build anything as advance as their scientists had been theorizing for decades.

There were so many questions, so many riddles that needed to be solved. We'd discussed the Federation, our policies as well as or mission objectives, and even our concerns about finding such human aliens. They were luckily very understanding as well as curious themselves. It wouldn't be until we began asking about their origins that things had started making sense. The Zefranites as they had called themselves had been a relatively young society. Based on a small planetoid they were rich culturally in science, music, and culinary skills. Their mastery of warp technology was attained by centuries of reverse engineering the remnants of a crashed ship dating back long before the federation. They worshiped a Deity which they believed provided for them and protected them, allowing them to live in piece their entire existence. Imagine how far they would go not being held back by wars and petty squabbles. No wonder they were able to advance to the first warp capable ship so fast. Their belief was a story similar to that of Adam and Eve, an old earth tale of the first two humans who built a paradise. As the two grew old, the Deity used its power to bring more passing humans. Multiplying naturally as well as having more people brought it, soon what was two became two hundred, then two thousand and so on until a full society had formed.

We allowed them to stay over night as well as exchanged formalities. They agreed to keep their experiences to themselves and their government until we could arrange a more sufficient first contact Diplomacy team. T'Pal was the first person to put it all together. There were too many coincidences, there was no logical way to explain what had happened and that wasn't sitting well with her. Then she found an old record from an Ambassador from over a century ago while he was serving on the Enterprise. He made reference to solving one of the greatest mysteries of the day only to agree to his Captain's wishes that he not disclose a name or location. But the signs were all there. Once she had read to me the specifics she had found it was easy to identify Adam and Eve. Decades ago there was a Federation Commissioner who disappeared after contracting a deadly disease. It was about this time that the entry was made regarding his solved mystery and the Woman's supposed death on an away mission. I'm not the Diplomatic type, but even I knew of the importance of what we'd found here.

I honestly hope that the Federation handles and treats the Zefranites as a culture and not a research lab. Being part of Section 31 has its advantages, one of which is being able to access and and all relevant logs, even those personal ones that get classified due to their content. As it would seem, the Ambassadors ship had come across the Amelia Earhart of the Modern Age. It would seem almost impossible that their Deity, a being known only as the companion, would find a man floating in space. Old and withered, dying from who knows what, the companion would take him to the surface to regenerate him and in the end produce an entire society using the body of a woman who was dying herself from a rare disease. I almost have to laugh about it now, just knowing the amazing things a race of people can accomplish in a mere 200 years when not hindered by greed, war, or illness. I shudder to think how StarFleet is going to rip their way of life apart in search of the truth, advanced warp theories, and who knows what else, all of which will be done in the guise of "reintegration into earth society". As near as I can tell, they've established their own Utopian society, a paradise of knowledge and culture that would put the entire Federation to shame. An entire civilization built on the ideas and knowledge of the great Zefram Cochrane growing uninhibited by outsiders, and I may have single handedly destroyed it all with out firing a single shot....

Like Answering a handshake with a sword.

This is Captain James Charles Donovan.
Computer, end log and transmit to The Admiral.