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04-05-2012, 04:48 AM
Originally Posted by P-A-T-H-F-I-N-D-E-R
G'hargh when he has gone belly-up in the bloodwine barrel.
If the bar would make me a tub big enough for 7, I would spend my days in a bath of Blood Wine and become the pickled Klingon.

Originally Posted by Staran View Post
You should have asked: have you ever seen a faction as poorly done in an mmo as the kdf?
Why? He would not have answered such a question, just as he has never answered such a question. We asked what we thought would be answered with as little political-ease as possible. I actually learned more than I expected and came away from it a little less bitter but no less sad.

So nothing new about the kdf? I understand what Dan is saying but I disagree.
No. We will continue to have to wait and watch the KDF grow slowly over a long period of time. I understand what DStahl has siad as well and garnered more hope from it than I had before the interview started, but as I stated above we still have a long wait ahead of us before we see a level of gameplay we would like for the KDF.
Instead of "chicken and the egg" the term should really be "the KDF and the Fed". As Dstahl pointed out in the interview, we KDF fans and our faction fell victom to a lack of time and a resource crunch in the very begining, before STO was even released, and have been playing catch-up ever since under the blade of damocles that is "needed revenue stream".
It did hurt the faction and many fans left then and many left afterwards over time, but we have gotten better over time and it seems time is the only thing that will see us get better as the game progresses.
We are the unwilling creature caught in a trap of Cryptics own devising but I would rather have what we have now and at least a hope for the future than no KDF at all..
So now we wait and see how long it takes Cryptic to fill the missing pieces in and hope we as a fanbase do not completely disapeer in the meantime.

Originally Posted by thefrayl View Post
Good interview. I could have done without the static and klingon conversation between questions though. Dan's mic/pc/internet/voice comms have enough problems :p
The static and popping was a by-product of what medium we used to record so we came up with an episode setting that used it. As well we at GoS are not a talk show normally but a drama. I personally would have prefered that DStahl came on the show and played a Character of his own choosing and had a little more fun with it, maybe relaxed a little and answered our questions in said character. Still it was a new experience and an honor to have the EP on the show and I enjoyed it no less for how it came to fruition.

As far as the faction agnostic content, I think it's great to share the love and kill two birds with one stone, but I've got to say that 90% of what's been offered up so far in this department feels so wrong playing through as a Klingon. I think more could be done, particularly with dialogue, to deliver an experience that fits the KDF better.
I agree. A better solution to dialouge tracking that gives the player a sense of immersion would be excellent. The problem evidently lies in how to do that dialouge tree that hits not just the fact that one is KDF or fed but also the individual races within the factions. Not all KDF are Klingons and not all Klingons are brusque and caustic in speech.
I still agree though and as much as I enjoy playing new content, it does dampen the mood when an NPC sounds more like the represenative of you side of the gameplay than you as the player get to sound.