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04-05-2012, 04:53 AM
fictional universe, but it does have a timeline, constant plot lines, recurring characters, species, races, enemies, locations. the borg are part of that. if one planet, moon, asteroid, or ship controlled by the borg survives, the borg survive. what is known to a single borg, is known to all borg. they are not ants. killing a 'queen' does nothing except perhaps have them designate a new one.

they're part of the star trek universe. like the romulans, klingons, ferengi, etc, etc, etc. thinking of them as 'just a like thinking of the federation as just a storyline, or the klingon empire, cardassians, etc. the doom and gloom of the alpha quadrant would exist. the borg control countless systems, they adapt, cannot be reasoned with, ignore caualties, relentless, and continually add new systems to their domain...out of reach of the alpha races to do anything about.

alpha quadrant at best can embark on a holding action. attempt to gather more allies...undnine, iconian, and those unknown as of yet. the borg's one weakness is that they are a threat to all races. their strength is that if even a single probe can rebuild the entire collective. slowly, but inevitably.

blame the tng writers for the borg, they knew not what they unleashed. every other star trek villain or villainous species has some central point that can be obliterated to weaken them. manufacturing locations, homeworlds...something central. even a defined front that can be defended. loss of personal, loss of war ships matter to every other race...not to the borg.

so no, never obsolete...besides...they're the closest thing i've seen to berserker's brought to the screen. (fred saberhagen books)