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04-05-2012, 04:58 AM
Originally Posted by Powerhelm View Post
I started KDF Awareness Week as what was supposed to be an Annual event last July.
We could use more than one awareness week style event in my opinion. maybe Blasten_blaster would relenquish the name to you again and we could hold another one in JUly?
KAW2 alpha and KAW2 omega?
The begining and the end of getting to know the Klingons?

The KDF needs more attention from both the Devs and the Fanbase. Alpha is a step in the right direction and it's one more KDF-only mission we have now that we had before. Even if we only get drops, you get enough drops you have an ocean.
I agree. It seems that drops are all we will see and I can now live with that as hopefully overtime the faction will grow to cover the what,why's and where's of how the KDF fits into STO.
My many heartfelt thanks to all those Devs that have worked to help us grow in the last 2 years to become more than we started as and please keep the work comming so that the KDF can take its full stance within STO.

I will agree that it's a certain amount of Chicken and egg involved but I do believe that the more the community draws players into the KDF and the more missions Cryptic adds just for the KDF (like the new Alpha mission which sounds really cool) the closer we'll get to having "Two True Factions".
I agree, the closer we get to two whole factions the better the game will become, even if half of the playerbase can not see it from inside thier own forest of content.
Then again I have always hoped and seen the future of STO as a multifactional game with the KDF, feds and Romulans as the big 3 involved in the storyline to allow the players to enjoy not just playing the faction they like best but being able to see the mindset and PoV of those they may know little about and possibly finding enjoyment in a little alt creation.
Here's to hoping the recent opening of STO into the EU draws many of the Klingon fanclubs that exist there and breathes new life and see a return of some of those clubs that left in the early days due to a lack of attention back into the Empire we love and enjoy.