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# 1 Giving T4 Accolades a meaning
04-05-2012, 07:26 AM
I thought a bit about T4 Commendations and realized that the only benefit of those is one single Very Rare DoFF and a title.

How about adding a boon to your Captain linked to the accolades? This would tie the DoFF System more with the rest of the game and encourage people more I think.
Accolades were added short after release and only a few got a bonus attached to them i.e. "Kinetic Killer" adds a +2% Kinetic Damage etc... since their introduction accolades became, well, without very little meaning.

I thought about giving a character specific bonus to each T4 Commendation accolade you get:

Diplomatic T4 -> allready gives a boost to your character, perhaps the most at all due Transwarp locs.
Science T4 -> +2.5% All science skills magnitude
Engineering T4 -> +2.5% Hull repair magnitude
Military T4 -> +2.5% All Damage magnitude or + 10% Accuracy?
Exploration T4 -> -25% or -50% Quantum Slipstream cooldown
Espionage T4 -> Feds: +2.5% Stealth Detection / KDF: + 3% Stealth
Medical T4 -> +2.5% All Healing magnitude (Hypos and Medic skills)
Colonial T4 -> 1 Token for the Veteran DoFF people got when F2P launched
Trade T4 -> -10% Vendor/Replicator cost
Development T4 -> -10% Crafting cost
Recruitment T4 -> +15 Duty Officer Roster slots

So, would it be possible Heretic?
I really think it would make the whole system more meaningful and worth the time to spend in it since the Tier 4 take quite a lot of ingame play time.