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04-05-2012, 09:28 AM
Originally Posted by drishmael
Actually, it's not, because the OP was only talking about bridge officer candidates, not your commissioned Boffs -- i.e. they're still forklift operators who are being considered for board membership. All this system would be doing is declining their board application or whatever, telling them, "You're an awesome forklift operator, and we think you'll be of much more value to the company if you remain in that role."
In "traditional' military hierarchy, a commissioned officer is a commissioned officer. Be it they be in transit to a new duty station or assigned one. In this case, a Boff candidate is in all intense and purposes a commissioned officer. He/she has gone through the required education and training to successfully perform his/her duties in their field of study. So technically the Boff candidate would be, in essence taking a demotion in job title if they take the Doff position.

I think of Boff's as commissioned officers and Doff's as enlisted personnel.

Edit: Actually, i would propose Boff's to accompany Doff missions to enhance the success % and rewards %. It is not uncommon for commissioned officers to managed an away team assignment.