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04-05-2012, 10:42 AM
I'll throw in a few ideas too.

*Patrol The System (daily)
-Randomly generated ground/space mini-missions (combat, aid, diplomatic, escort, etc.)

*Fleet Emblems Plaques/Flags (trophy slots)

*Reverse Engineering (doff)
-Randomly generated weapons/items/schematics/etc. for eng doffs to reverse engineer
-Items would be consumed when reverse engineered with % to fail
-Recipes could be remembered and crafted after they are reverse engineered
-Crafted reverse engineered items would be available for sale or trade by player

*Realistic Crew
-Crew routines and names
-Crew members act accordingly depending on time of day/night and crew type
(example) crew members eat 3 times a day in lounge, scurity officers have post shifts, engineering officers run diagnostics and interact with operations officers, medical officers scan injured in sickbay, etc.

*Ship Interior Design
-The ability for players to pick and choose textures, lighting, captains chairs, tables, wall hangings, clutter, etc. for his/her own ship's interior.