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04-05-2012, 01:07 PM
Originally Posted by KnightTemplar_99 View Post
Not sure that really makes a lot of sense, each Purple Borg DOFF takes 40 of the chips, which you only typically get 2 of on an Elite run, meaning each DOFF requires roughly 20 Elite Runs. In those Runs it is likely you get decent drops that could be sold for EC plus you get Dilithum which can be converted to EC via Unreplicatable Mats. I'd think in 20 elite runs you could make more than enough EC to purchase the Purples from the Exchange.
And a purple explosives expert goes for 12 million ec or more, easily.

Completing 20 elite STF runs is easier than getting 12mil ec imo. ymmv. Certainly the drops from those 20 runs aren't going to net you 12 million ec, since I have yet to see a drop that sold for more than 450k (and that's just in theory so far, hasn't actually sold) in 40 elite STF runs.

If you're lucky you get a drop worth ~200k ec on the exchange. Expected value of your drops is <100k ec per STF run. (Most drops are junk, even level 50 drops, no surprise there.)

A fabrication engineer (purple) goes for over 6 mil ec. At 100k ec per elite STF (being generous), that's 60 elite STFs to afford one at 6mil (which, as i noted, is on the low end for one).