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04-05-2012, 03:25 PM
Long Term. Probably been already talked about a million times though. These are visual fixes, mainly.

- Proper scale pack. I'm never gonna have 40 people on my bridge. I don't want my doors and rooms 60 feet wide.

- Ship/era accurate warp sounds and visuals. This should of been available from launch. I'm using the Galaxy class. I want to see the TNG warp drive. If I'm using the NX class, I want to see its blur warp drive, Etc.

- The intrepid engines having its up and down sound. You guys have the up sound already. It's one of the hull damage increase abilities...

- TOS ships just jump into warp, with the whoosh.

- BOP's and TOS ships shouldn't have nacelle glows...

- All warp drive visual types selectable on all ships. So people who love a certain one can use it on their ship.

- Show accurate engine flash. Still no ST game has done this.

- Retro TMP phasers. We have the TOS phasers, Where are the TMP ones?

- Selectable Saucer Section. And give it its antimatter spread.

- Phaser emitter charging. Bridge Commander is 11 years old and did this better than STO.

- The ships move when going to warp. Why is the ship stopping? How about a instant warp. No cut-scene option.

- Selectable era transporter. TNG, TMP, TOS, Etc.

- Fix the transporter visual. When we beam up, the beam shouldn't go up.

- Fix the AI seats. 2 years old. And the game still can't have the AI characters sit and bend their legs correctly...

- Muscles for characters. You pretty much got everything else, but that. I don't count the leg and arm thickness muscles.

- Player and crew voices. Its really stupid that no one talks. At least grunt when you get hit by grenades.

- Allow us to have all or at least one ship away team member with you in public areas. Taking the spot of your "pet".

- Promote our offers to captain. This is cannon. Spock served on the ENT at captain rank.

- More AI intelligence. EX: They comment on your players appearance (short, tall, male, female, species) during dialogue.

- Make a mission that lets us interact with the players Fed and Klingon character. EX: Joint mission. Where the ground team has two of you sides players.

- Seriously reduce the time Full impulse is disabled. Once all ships in the players fighting area are dead, turn it back on. Wailing just for alert to go away is really annoying.

- Remove or reduce it to 30 seconds, the cool down time for Saucer/MVAM separation. Split the weapons and shield strength between the parts, to nerf the player. This is war. This would be accurate anyway. I lose two phaser banks with the Drive Section.

- Add saucer separation to ships that had designs for it. Connie and Connie refit are examples.

- Give us the Picard Maneuver.

- The ability to stay in the Drive section. I don't like that I'm forced back together in my ship, when I warp or go into sector space. Only the Saucer section should be reset when you go to sector space. And none for MVAM. Since each part has warp engines.

- The ability to transport directly to locations, in public areas. Use the map as a targeting location for the transporter. This is one of the areas that should bend show accuracy, for convenience.

- Skip-able cut-scenes when you replay missions.

- Change the color circle markers on desert maps. I walked all the way to the end of the arena planets long desert area, before I saw the blip to help the sick AI was at the beginning. Thanks to the map being zoomed out. And the blips being the same color of the floor.

- Tractor toeing friends (at warp too). This would also help that mission with the invisible tractor beam...

- Why only one mission has that really useful route beam? I constantly get lost, because everything looks the same. Give us a penalty, if we use it a lot. It's not fun to run around for 40 minutes. Just because I can't find a crashed satellite part.

- Matching uniforms. New crew members should auto have my players uniform design. It's called uniform for a reason. Not waste energy credits.

- You fudge the NX and TOS Connie's to survive in battles. Fudge the shuttles. The shuttles are basically useless.

- Make the rear section of the runabout. And put all our BO's in the seats. The consoles need to be higher. The BO's legs go through them.

- Option to turn off the engine trails. That should be only for TMP ships.

- Fix the flying wall stuff on sector space. Its dumb my ships is flying forward, while its hitting a invisible wall.

- Make the auto pilot smarter. Its dumb when auto pilot does a U-Turn when all you have to do is a left turn from Vulcan to P'Jem

- We have a million phaser variants. But none of the older designs. Type I TOS/TNG phaser. Dustbuster TNG Phaser etc.

- Subtle animations. EX: Tall characters. Like the Gorn and Alien Species. make them look uncomfortable sitting in small seats. Bend their knees to fit under consoles.

- After a ground mission. Make the player dirty. It would make the captain's quarters useful in cleaning up.

- Why don't we have a show accurate Bajor wormhole interior. Seen in the "operation Gamma" Cutscene. Fix the in-game one.

- Friends should ALWAYS be in the same instance. And fix the issue with not being able to see all the instances till you switch.

- Make the Exploration Cruiser easier to turn. The ENT D didn't suck at turning. Go watch when the ENT D backed up and went to full impulse. The turn rate is accurate when the ship is in warp sector space.

- Fix the texture issue when you saucer separate. The model loses the registry, colors and markings. This is worse when you have a color shield on.

- When you die. The saucer should fade away. Not do the reintegration animation. With a fireball.

- Toggle option to turn off saucer separation smoke.

- Why is the registry on the saucer section changed to "Starfleet Saucer"? When I go into separation.

- The bussard collectors should animate on the Sovereign nacelles.

- Why do some races have only males. A gorn female would be interesting.

- Light flicker and power failures. Again, Bridge Commander did this. Why isn't STO doing it.

- Why is there two loading screens? Just have the one with the loading bar.

- The tactical security team shouldn't be using the Klingon arm pushing animation, when they beam up.

- Option to turn off impulse engine lights on TOS ships.