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04-05-2012, 02:54 PM
Hmm, knowing that someone has tested the numbers makes me more inclined to try a beam build (so far I have five alts running the standard DHC/Torp builds).

However, I am concerned that the raw DPS numbers for beam builds are significantly higher than your effective DPS:

1) If most of your damage is coming from FAW, then most of those FAW shots could be wasted (e.g. hitting a cube when there are still nanites up)

2) I'm also concerned that if your combat style consists of running circles around your target instead of point-and-shoot (alternating between creeping forward and backpedalling), then you're basically going to have to go through all four shield facings instead of just one. This concern could become moot if the Borg become more like that D'direx Defender, though.

Anyway, if this beam build turns out to be a mistake I'm going to be down 400c and a lot of dilithium.