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04-05-2012, 07:21 PM
Originally Posted by Sharpphasors
This is what you show to prove your DPS. <--- this is the only way to count damage done and DPS. Not a silly screen shot of your weapon with beam overload.

^ This is on an infected elite (of course we got optional) but you can see total damage over total amount of time. You keep proving you have no idea what your talking about. As well that you REALLY need to listen to me and the other people that actually understand this forum post.

******* Ps ill pvp you anytime and anywhere and ill win.
*********** reverse shield polarity and you lose.
please join organizedpvp chat channel in game and ask aorund for a 1v1. you will not wait long to find one wholl accept your challenge. despite your mit genius, you may find there are many more factors involved in pvp than shear dps and rsp....

gl hf