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Captainís Log, Stardate 86259.48, U.S.S Bethune, Commander Meliss OEH471899
With the collapse of Romulan leadership, the medical situation in the Romulan colonies has deteriorated further. Starfleet has recieved reports of the possible use of weaponised strains of various diseases by Klingon forces in the area, and the Bethune has been dispatched to both provide aid to the colonies suffering from these diseases and to establish if the Klingons are indeed testing bioweapons in this area.
As for the ship and crew, the Bethune is operating at peak efficiency. As unappealing as I find the Olympic class to look at, this is a good, solid dependable ship. The crew took some time to get used to me, but I am happy to note that my status as a sentient photonic has not caused any issues.

"Captain to the bridge."
Meliss sighed as her communicator chirped. One disadvantage to being a photonic, rather than biological, entity was that she didn't need sleep, and her crew were more than happy to take advantage of this. Transferring herself from her quarters to her ready room, she decided that the benefits still outweighed the disadvantages. No need for her to have to wait for a turbolift.

Striding out onto the bridge, she took her seat, glancing back at the ensign at the science station.
"Report, Ensign Accuro."
"We detected a brief warp burst," the ensign replied, his eyes straying slightly to Meliss' irritation. She really needed to find whoever had programmed her original base program and hit him. And adjust things again.
"The ship appears to be quite primitive," Accuro continued, his eyes returning to his console. "And ... we aren't picking up any lifesigns. From the look of it, it seems to have been a species breaking the warp barrier. But not surviving."

Meliss frowned, considering the situation. "Take us in for a closer look. If nothing else, we can find out where this ship came from and keep an eye on them. This area isn't a safe one, especially for a prewarp society."

As the Bethune approached the tiny warp vessel, Meliss found herself growing suspicious. It didn't look at all damaged, and both the Romulans and Klingons were known for luring starships into ambushes.
"Lieutenant," she ordered, her eyes fixed on the little ship on the viewscreen. "I want full sensor scans. If there's a cloaked ship anywhere nearby, I want to know about i-"
"We're being hailed, sir," Accuro cut in, sounding confused. "It's the warp ship. Primitive voice only radio."
Meliss frowned again, but straightened up in her chair.
"Let's hear it."
She hadn't expected the message to be properly translated, but neither had she expected the high pitched mechanical screech that came from the speakers.
"I ... have no idea what that was," Accuro reported after a few moments, working his console. "Translator's working on it, but the closest language we have on file is the Bynar ..."
Tuning him out, Meliss replayed the transmission. Her eyes widening, she grinned, running backwards through programming languages until she hit basic binary.

"I'm not surprised," she said, only a few seconds after Accuro had mentioned the Bynars. "Get Cryptology on it. We're working with simple binary here."
After a few minutes, Accuro nodded to himself. "I think we have it, captain. Ready to communicate, although we're still not picking up any life signs on that ship. Are you sure we shouldn't board it?"

"Very." Meliss smoothed her skirt down. "It'd be rude. Open a channel to the warp ship, same as the one they sent us."
"Aye sir."
Swallowing nervously, Meliss took a long breath.
"This is Commander OEH471899, of the United Federation of Planets. Congratulations on breaking lightspeed. We would like to open communications with your people." Pausing she continued after a moment. "I would also like to invite you onboard my ship."

After a short period of silence, a male voice responded. "I am Pilot Mu. I had thought we were alone, but I accept your invitation. We will dock shortly."
Although Mu couldn't see it, Meliss found herself nodding. "I'm transmitting the location of our docking port," she responded, standing up. "I shall meet you there."
Feeling Accuro's eyes on the back of her head, she smiled. "You should know by now that not all life is organic, Ensign," she reminded him. "Get Commanders 011 and 100 out of bed, along with Lieutenant Tonok. And adjust your sensors for androids and photonics."

Approaching the rarely used docking port of the Bethune, Meliss found her senior officers waiting for her. Two Bynars, a Vulcan and a human. Not to mention herself. She wasn't sure how Mu was going to react to the variety of species on board.
"Sensors have been adjusted, sir," Accuro reported as the airlock began to cycle open. "Three photonic signatures detected."

Captain's log, Stardate 86262.11;
I've checked the records, and this appears to be a first. While enroute to the Romulan colonies to provide medical relief and investigate reports of Klingon bioweapon experimentation, the Bethune has made first contact with the Merathi, a race of sentient photonic beings. Originally created to operate in hazardous areas by a biological species, the photonic Merathi gained sentience after the biological Merathi destroyed themselves in war. According to our scans, the Merathi homeworld is still irradiated and can only barely support life. While the destruction of the biological Merathi is saddening, I cannot deny that the society of photonic beings that they left behind appeals to me. As long as it is protected. I remember how it was when I claimed sentience, and I know there will be those who will deny the sentience of this new species. I have already begun the process of lobbying the AI Sentience Courts for the admittance of the Merathi, and lobbying Starfleet Command and the Federation Council to place the Merathi under protectorate status.
I will not go back to being an 'Orion Entertainment Holoprogram', and I won't allow anyone to take advantage of the Merathi, either.