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04-06-2012, 06:26 AM
Originally Posted by robeasom
Although I do mess around with the Doffs to get some dilithium I do feel it is tiresome running around the ship to give assignments. In your ready room you should be able to use a console to get the doff missions in ship also itcan be used as a bank/exchange and mail console as well so you can withdraw certain things for the Doff missions that you have in there.
They recently made a change so you can access the ship board missions through your Doff UI using the Department Head Tab. In other words you don't even have to "visit your bridge" in order to access the vast majority of the ship board missions.

Unfortunately some of the missions you still have to visit your actual Department head such as the static missions to Make Consoles with the powered artifact with your Engineer and the other one to Infuse the Artifact ith your science officer. Also the missions to manufacture items using Gamma Quadrant commodities.

As well some of the other good missions will popup on your Operations officer. Chain missions in particular.

I was told it was not meant to be this way, but we all know how things go. We were supposed to be able to get them all using the UI Department head Tab from what I undersand.

You can always get a Bug ship, or a Galor and do them all through your bridge.

Currently the ones accessed though the UI Tab under Department heads only you can see/do while the missions you get by going to the specific department on your ship are in a special sharable catagory and will allow you to invite people to your ship to do them since they are all ship specific.

Manufacturing Ablative Jevonite is one of them that people would want to visit your ship to be able to take as a mission in your Engineering Department.

Still though you never have to actually ever visit your ship interrior to eventually get any of the missions. These other available missions are merely extra chances to get them if you want to take the time to track them down.

Things may not be perfect with the ways you access all the missions, but we can hardly complain about it since its merely an added way to get particular missions we want to do quicker as well as some of them on demand as they are always there when we want to do them.

When you take all that into account the changes make for a 100% improvement over the way it was no matter that its not working perfectly as intended.