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04-06-2012, 09:48 AM
Originally Posted by ebrithil1 View Post
Dear Tech Wizards,

I bought the MVAU from the C-store because the Prometheurs was always my favorite from any of the Star Trek Series.

No problem there.

My touble comes when I separate.

Each section is supposed to have its own skill, how do I access said skill?
The above is not correct. The sections which you do not choose will have Beam Overload3 + phaser array for offense. Each section also has unique stats (shields, hull, power bonus), but no additional BO or other bonus ability.

Originally Posted by ebrithil1 View Post
Another thing I noticed is that, while there are buttons to seperate (or command) each of the 3 sections, there is no button that I can find to rejoin the pieces. So my current solution is pulling up my ship loadout and taking out my Multi-Vector Console. This causes the ship to stop dead in space, rejoin, and continue on its merry way. Then I put the console back in and pray I wasnt under attack at the time.

Any ideas?


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Pressing any of the MVAM separation buttons should reassemble your ship. That, or the original button used to separate at the start.