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# 5 Distorted Reflections Part 1
04-06-2012, 11:16 AM
Krovennan had been on the bridge overlooking data from the Tactical Grid when the view from the viewscreen was suddenly dominated by a flash and an unknown vessel, almost on instinct, Krovennan ordered the shields be raised. But no attack came. The ship in question just stayed where it was, almost as if it was lifeless. It only took Krovennan a minute to regain his composure.

"Scan that vessel immediately. Drehera, can you pick up any emotions from that vessel?"

"Yes, I can feel five different minds, they seem...afraid, curious. I think they weren't expecting us...whoever they are."

"Tallasa, Does the ship match anything in our database?"

"No sir, I can't find anything like it...I think this is First Contact."

Krovennan sank back into his seat, it was not every day he got the chance to be the first to meet a new species, he stared at the ship, it was simple in design, a flat semi-circle with two engines recessed into the ends, the center of the straight edge was distorted into a circle, most likely to house whatever form of Warp propulsion engine they were using, some small weapons were affixed to the front of the vessel, but scans revealed them to be little more than mining lasers. It was apparent that this was a retrofitted mining vessel.

The vessel itself was barely half the size of the Blacksabre-E, which would explain the small amount of crew, and had only one viewing window. The Blacksabre moved into position directly in front of the vessel, it was barely a tenth tall as it was wide. Krovennan stood up and approached the viewscreen to get a closer look, before tunring to Dale at the communications console

"Do they have the technology to receive hails?"

"They cannot receive images, audio only, I believe I can send a message on their frequencies."

"Do it, lets see if they are wecloming."

Dale typed furiously on the console for a few seconds, before a chirping heralded the hailing frequencies were open.

"Unidentified vessel, this is Vice Admiral Krovennan Darksabre, commanding officer of the U.S.S Blacksabre-E, do you read? Repeat, can you hear us?"

The Bridge was silent except for static for a few moments before a male voice filled the room.

"Blacksabre-E, this is the Commanding Officer of the Void Walker, are your intentions hostile?"

"No Void Walker, I represent two collections of alien races known as the Federation and the Vilscaran Empire, we did not even know another ship was in the vicinity until just now."

"Another ship? You mean theres more than one?"

"Countless more, is this your first venture into space?"

"It is our first to break the speed of light, we have mining vessels, but we've never left orbit our solar system."

"If this is true, we have initiated First Contact between our two races, I would like to be the first to welcome you to the wider galaxy."

"Thank you Vice Admiral, what should we do now?"

"Can you take us to your home planet? We cannot send you images, and I think we should meet in person, I would imagine we both have questions for each other."

"Of course, our home is only about a minute away. I look forward to meeting you Vice Admiral."

"As do I...I apologise, I neglected to catch your name."

"My name is Velden, Vice Admiral."

"I see, thank you Velden, we will follow you to your planet."

As the channel closed Krovennan returned to his chair, the Void Walker began to turn, slowly at first, but it eventually begun to bank and turn quicker, the vessel made a 180 degree turn before warping away."

"Dorryd, lock on to their energy signature and lay in a pursuit course, I will need to send a report to Starfleet."

Krovennan entered his Ready Room and sat in his desk, tapping the small console on his desk to hail Admiral Quinn. The small screen was occupied by a picture of the Starfleet logo for a few seconds before Quinn's face came into view.

"Ah, Vice Admiral, how can I assist you?"

"Admiral Quinn, I have news from the Neutral Zone, we have initiated First Contact with a species that have just made thier first Warp flight."

"First Contact?! This is wonderful news, tell me, what action have you taken?"

"We were able to make audio contact with them, but not much more, it seems a man by the name of Velden was leading the operation with four others, I'm sending you the data we have on their ship."

Quinn was silent for a moment as he looked off-screen, presumably at a second monitor. After a few seconds, he returned to Krovennan.

"This is excellent news Krovennan, a new addition to the Federation is long overdue I believe, continue as you have, gather as much information as you can on these people, report back to me when you can."

"Aye sir, I'll be meeting them on the surface, I do not want to use transporters just yet so as to not intimidate them. we'll take a shuttle, I'll report when we return."

"Very good Vice Admiral, carry on, Quinn out."

Krovennan had barely closed the channel on his end when his combadge chirped. Tallasa's voice rang out a second later.

"Tallasa to Darksabre."

"Go ahead Tallasa."

"Sir, we have arrived, the Void Walker's crew are taking some form of shuttle down to the surface, your orders?"

"Assemble the senior staff, we'll be taking shuttles down ourselves, Commander Kel is in command in the meantime, hes been low on duties recently, and could use the activity."

"Aye sir, I'll call in the senior staff to the Shuttle bay immediately. Tallasa out."

Krovennan reached for a PADD and quickly checked over the reports for the day before Kel entered, Krovennan gave his orders to the Breen and then left for the Shuttle Bay, the others had already gathered and were discussing the honour of being involved in First Contact when Krovennan arrived.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have some new friends to welcome, lets not keep them waiting, we'll take the Captain's Yacht down, we should be able to all fit in there. Keep all weapons inside the Yacht please, it would be an idiocy to go anywhere completely unarmed, but we are trying to convince them we are peaceful. If theres nothing else to discuss, we should get going."

Krovennan and his staffwere boadring the Captain'sYacht when Drehera tugged at Krovennan's shoulder ubtly, Krovennan looked over and followed Drehera into one of the corners, Drehera obviously wanted to tell Krovennan something in secret.

"Vice Admiral, I don't want the others to hear this just yet, as its rather disconcerting."

"What is it Drehera?"

"It happened when I tried to scan for life forms, we couldnt get a lock on their DNA with the ship's sensors, so I tried to do so with my Omni-Visor. The problem is, I cannot lock onto their DNA, it's as if they defy all biological physics. Whever a new species was found, they would always show certain parameters which would then be catalogued, even species previously thought impossible."

"And these ones didn't show anything?"

"I could not discern anything from them, it was as if they barely existed."

"I see, this is interesting, you were right to keep this quiet, keep it that way for now, we'll judge whether or not they exist when we see them for ourselves. But keep alert for any signs of lying or treachery, this is reason enough to keep our guard up."

"Aye sir."

Krovennan and Drehera parted ways, Krovennan entered the cockpit with Gruturu and initiated take-off procedures, the Yacht glided almost silently to the planet below.