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04-06-2012, 11:02 AM
Originally Posted by krenlik View Post
The Recon Science can have 3 tactical consoles, and for DPS purposes, swapping the +13% regen for the Assimilated makes more sense (that's that I do.) I personally do 1 Flow Cap and 1 Particle Emitter to take down shields faster and to more damage for STFs... the Grav generator doesn't help with that at all.

I also subscribe to 5 beam banks up close and personal as being able to do more damage and more consistantly than 2 dual-beams and turrets, but that's a preference thing I suppose. Higher speeds increase defense so the loss of the shield regen isn't a big deal.

I don't bother with flow regulators, as I took a few pts in skills to do "good enough" and a second neutronium is great for survivability.
A second Neutronium on my ship gives me 4.8%, not really that usefull if you ask me.

Yes 5 Beams will more than likely out DPS the DBB+Turrets, however; one of these has much more foward DPS when you are moving towards things to engage them, hence the DBB and not just loading up on arrays.

Yes the RSV with its 3 Tac Consoles will do more DPS than the Nebby, however a dead ship does exactly zero DPS, and that is what happens when a RSV gets targeted, its just dies.