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# 6 Distorted Reflections Part 2
04-06-2012, 12:45 PM
The Captain's Yacht penetrated the atmosphere smoothly, following the co-ordinates sent by the new aliens. The deep cloud cover soon broke to reveal a large city below, the city was circular, the buildings gradually increasing in height as they got closer to the city centre, which was dominated by an enormous spire, the spiralled building nearly broke the clouds, the architecture was perfect as the Yacht banked around the spire to a small landing pad, the shuttle from the Void Walker was just landing as the Yacht made it's entry.

Krovennan and Gruturu took the ship in slowly, thrusters undernneath kicking into action as they hovered over the pad before slowly coming to rest. Krovennan unbuckled himself and opened the cockpit doors, Gruturu directly behind. As the staff all prepared themselves, Krovennan had already begun opening the rear hatch. The group turned the corner to see five bipeds in EV suits. Krovennan approached the furthest forward suit, which was obviously Velden.

As Krovennan approached the suit, he begun to notice that they were roughly the same height, a relative rarity, as most creatures seemed to evolve to roughly Human height. the suit seemed strangely hesitant to move as Krovenna approached him , Krovennan had wondered if he had done something to offend them. Drehera was scanning the area when she suddenly turned to the five EV suits, underneath her visor, shock was apparent on her face as the tricorder beeped frantically.

"Vice Admiral, I'm picking up something strange on my tricorder."

"What is it?"

"Sir, I just picked up the DNA parameters of our new friends, and...the racial parameters are exactly the same as...yours."

"What? So you mean..."

"Yes, They are Vilscarans."

Krovennan turned back to the group as Velden removed his helmet, Krovennan stood agape in shock as he stood face-to-face with another of his own kind. Velden, who was revealed to have short brunette hair and a similarly light skin tone to Krovennan, was similarly in shock. The other four removed their helmets, revealing a blonde woman, a dark skinned man, a red-headed man, and another black-haired woman. Each carried a tattoo almost identical to Krovennan's, but theirs were adorned with red stripes instead of the uniform black.

"Could it really be?"

"Vice Admiral, is what your Science Officer says true? You are a Vilscaran?"

"It is true, and if her readings are right, then your...but it was a legend, a folktale, you are the Far Flown?"

"Its been so many generations, we don't remember our own ancestry, but if thats what we are called, then I guess we are indeed the Far Flown."

The others of the Blacksabre crew had no idea what was happening, but seemed almost as shocked as Krovennan. Krovennan managed to finally react, holding out his hand to Velden. Velden looked at the hand for a moment and shaked, smiling at Krovennan, who smiled back.

"Welcome back to the stars, my long-lost brothers."

"We are glad to be back. Come, theres a feast being prepared at the top of the Ascending Spire, we'll speak more inside."

As the group walked on, Tallasa walked next to Krovennan and whispered to him, just out of earshot of the Far Flown.

"Sir, you know these "Far Flown?""

"Yes Tallasa, but it always thought to be a folktale, a legend, it said that when Vilscarans first learned to touch the stars, some could not wait, chose a direction, and travelled at sublight, that was over 70,000 years ago, 45 generations of my people. To discover that it was all true, this is the greatest discovery of my people for over ten millenia, I cannot express my shock and joy to know that it was all true."

It was several hours later before the group finally reached the top of the Ascending Spire, the populace had gotten wind of the discovery and crowded the sides of the streets with cheers and gasps of awe. The top of the spire was in fact an enormous room, windows covering the walls, allowing all inside a beautiful view of the city, which was apparently named Kelvalore. The crew of the Blacksabre were ushered to a hughe ring-shaped table, with an inner area lined with seats, the two groups took their seats at random, with Krovennan and Velden taking opposing seats.

Soon, the table was filled with huge exquisite meals, Krovennan recognised some of the meals, but many were completely new to him, the Far Flown had obviously adapted well. Discussion was soon free-gflowing between the two groups, the crew of the Blacksabre were deperate to know more, and the Far Flown wre endlessly astonished at the prospect of other life and ached to know more. Krovennan and Velden wwere among the most deeply interested in each other.

"Velden, I must know, if you could fly ships before, why are you only figuring out warp travel now?"

"Well we originally had records of our original ancestry, but they were destroyed millenia ago, we can never remember why, simply that they were. We've been trying to regain all that we lost ever since."

"How have you managed to survive so long?"

"The wilds here were remarkably tame, the animals were succulent and the plants were easily farmed, we hit a veritable paradise it seems, we only built spaceships to mine the asteroids nearby, we never dreamed we were not alone."

"So what prompted you to develop Warp technology?"

"Simply to be able to reach more outlying asteroids faster, nothing more than being able to provide for our families, the Void Walker is the first of it's kind, now that we know there are others in the galaxy, a whole fleet of them can be made to walk along our spacefaring brethren."

"When that happens, it'll be a glorious day, for all concerned."

"Yeah, there is so much the Vilscaran Empire and the Federations have done that we never even thought of, our lives are going to change for the better so much. I can hardly take it all in."

"We were just the same when we discovered their was life so far away from our territories, but I am proof that we could accept that, I am confident you'll have no problems."

"It would seem so, but the entertainment has arrived it seems, lets ignore politics for a moment and just listen."

A small orchestral band entered, accompanied by a female singer, their melody was hauntingly beautiful, telling the story of seeing the ugly side of the universe, and instead of turning in disgust, facing the subsequent revelation, making the singer use the revelation to find strength and daring the evil shes seen to control her. Krovennan thought to himself how he found the undertones beautifully terrifying.

The celebrations went on long into the night, until eventually, the two groups parted ways, the crew of the Blacksabre boarding the Captain's Yacht once more and departing for their ship, Krovennan could not sleep that night, and resolved to contact Quinn instead with a progress report.