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# 1 Suggestion mark doff
04-06-2012, 12:42 PM
We now have the ability to turn in 5 doffs for a better quality doff which is a good way of getting rid of ones that have traits that make them useless but at the minute other than writing there name down on a post it and hoping its still there when you go and see the personnel officer we have no way of keeping a record of doffs that we do want to re-assign since the time between planning a mission to realise that your doff isn't worth keeping/using can be quite be quite big and when you have a lot of doffs (personnally 287) remembering five names out of that lot isn't going to happen.

So can we have a way of marking a doff for reassignment that we can enter/tick on the planning screen and then when we do go to the personnel screen we can easily find the ones we want to exchange by looking down the list to see which ones we've marked.