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04-06-2012, 01:09 PM
Having used both Defiant-R and MVAM for quite some time, I favor the T5 Advanced Escort with an MVAM console (MVAE) for the following reasons:

1) The MVAE has a more robust bridge officer layout when compared to Defiants (that extra ensign science station is HUGE!)

2) Now that Field Generators stack and are science consoles instead of engineering, the MVAE can obtain higher total shield capacity since they run 3 sci console slots vs. the Defiant's 2.

3) The MVAE module ships move and turn much faster than Defiants when optimally spec'd and using hyper-impulse engines.

The Defiant is still a good ship, but it does have survival problems when facing a skilled opponent in an MVAE. If the Defiant's opening decloak alpha strike fails, then its chances of survival drop quickly as the fight drags on, especially when the opponent employs 30-sec CD tractor beams.

I'll still use a Defiant occasionally for nostalgia reasons, but if I'm going into a serious combat encounter, I'll take the MVAE instead.