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# 7 Distorted Reflections Part 3
04-06-2012, 02:51 PM
Quinn listened as Krovennan explained the situations, he had obviously not known what to expect, but he had hardly expected a long lost sect of Vilscarans.

"This is a most unexpected turn Vice Admiral, but not unwelcome, a lot of legends have been proven and disproven in Starfleet's history, it is certainly good to see that what was lost can be found again."

"Yes Admiral, Vilscar would be overjoyed to know their long lost brothers can come home."

"Indeed, I would like you to get to know more about their current situation, keep me posted of any developments."

"Aye sir, Good night, Krovennan out."

The next morning, Krovennan had returned with Drehera , Tallasa and Gyzit, this time with transporters, and were being shown the city with Velden. Krovennan and Velden were lost in conversation when Drehera noticed a strange energy reading permeating the city, she thought to ask Velden what it was when she felt a sense of loathing nearby, she looked into an alleyway nearby to see a silhouetted figure at the end turn around a corner, Drehera sensed pure loathing from the figure and her curiosity demanded she investigate, maybe she could reason with the figure to decrease their hate.

Drehera entered tyhe alley, it was gloomier than outside, but not overtly so, machines attached to the walls worked fervently at their functions, humming and vibrating serenely, lights from the mahchines bathing the alley in a dim grey light. Drehera continued further in, thoughts of returning to the group out of her head.

"Hello? Is someone there? I'm not here to hurt you, I just want to know who you are."

Drehera scanned with every spectrum she could, but found it hard to pinpoint a source through the emissions of all the machines, but she could definitely still fell the intense loathing from the figure nearby. Suddenly, a crash sounded from behind Drehera, she spun around to see some materials kncoked over, with a small cylindrical device rolling towards her, a single white light on the device pusling slowly, Drehera picked it up and tried to scan it, but as soon as she did, the device let out huge energy emissions, invisible to the naked eye, but to Drehra's visor, it was like blinding white lightning, her Visor screeching with feedback.

Drehera dropped the device, grabbing the sides of her head as her mind struggled to comprehend the feedback from the device, she was too blinded to notice the figure move out from behind her and raise a melee weapon to her, Drehera never even knew she was knocked unconcious.

No-one had yet noticed Drehera's disappearance, as they were listening to Velden and she had a tendency to break from groups anyway. She would normally meet up with them later after having found some kind of restaurant or hospital to indulge her interests of eating and medicine. After about half an hour, Velden turned to Krovennan, having just left the marketplace to see how the Far Flown had evolved as a culture different from the Vilscarans.

"Krovennan, would you like to come to the Ascending Spire? We've prepared a little bit of a suprise for you and your crew."

"A suprise? I don't see why not, lets go."

The group followed Velden to the Ascending Spire, entering the turbolift to the top. Krovennan had never felt so elated, he was discovering brothers and sisters he never knew even existed, and he would be the first to welcome them to the galaxy, as far as Krovennan was concerned, there was no better moment that could be had.

It made what he saw when they reached the top of the tower all the more soul-shattering.

As the silver doors opened, the group was greeted to the sight of Drehera bound to a chair, the bruises fortelling of interrogation techniques being used, liberally.

Krovennan's intial reaction was to run to Drehera's aid, but he was stopped as two guards pointed rifles at him, before Tallasa and Gyzit could react, more guards moved to restrain the two Andorians. Krovennan turned to Velden in shock.

"Velden, what's going on? Is this an insurgency?"

Velden did not seem to be in shock as Krovennan was, rather, he was smiling, that smile soon turned to a crushing laughter, each sound ringing in Krovennan's ear like the toll of a funeral bell.

"No Insurgency Krovennan, they are acting under my orders."

"What?! Your orders?! Why? Why would you do this to Drehera?!"

"Your little mind reader is so good at reading people, even with our interference she could have plunged a little too deep, we had to remove her from the equation."

"Too deep? What are you talking about?! Answer me Velden!"

"Simple my long lost brother, we needed a bargaining chip, and to keep our ulterior motives hidden for just a little bit longer."

Krovennan could not believe what he was hearing. His shock turned to horror, and very quickly, to barely contained rage.

"Ulterior motive? What motive? What necessitates this travesty on one of my most trusted officers?!"

There was an unsettling pause as Velden walked to the window, looking down on the city below before turning around to face Krovennan.


"Retribution? Retribution?! For what?!"

"For the sin and evil we have seen for so long, when we left we saw all forms of vileness, these lesser races mean nothing, they wage wars for minor insults, toxify planets, kill needlessly, trying to excuse it all. We have seen enough, excuses are the refuge of the weak, and we will not allow their sins to go unpunished."

"What? You said you lost your records, that you have been catching up all this time."

Velden burst into roaring laughter, doubling over for a few moments before standing up again.

"My god Krovennan, are all homeworld Vilscarans this idiotic? We lied to you, we've been Warp-capable ever since before even you! The Void Walker was not some first attempt, its one of hundreds! The whole thing has been planned for centuries. We planned for years just to lure you here!"

"Lure? Why lure me here? What do you want with me? What is worth what you did to Drehera?"

"Simple, we need your help, our great plan requires more firepower to defend it from the powers that will undoubtedly try to stop us, there is no better choice and greater irony then a homeworld Vilscaran with a record such as yours."

"I don't understand, how do you know who I am?"

"The forces your serve are filled with traitors, the shapeshifters are not the only infiltrators in the galaxy Krovennan, you know whom I speak of."

Krovennan thought for a moment, and then went white with realisation.

"No, you cannot be working with them. ARE YOU MAD?!"

"Not mad, just pragmatic, the Great Enemy is returning Krovennan, 50,000 years licking their wounds, did you imagine they would never return? They came to us, knowing our wish for retribution, not on the Vilscarans, but all life in this galaxy. The decadent, the arrogant, the foolish, the savage, they do not deserve to live! Do you not see that?!"

"I cannot imagine what you saw to twist your views in such a way, but you cannot take this seriously Velden, yes there are vile people in this galaxy, and undoubtedly countless more beyond, but destroying everything just for them? That is ridiculous! No, worse than ridiculous, that is pure madness! How many on this planet truly share your view?"

"Everyone Krovennan, the only thing keeping us together is our hatred of all other life, we band together to realise our common goal, the destruction of the galaxy. the Great Enemy will help us, and we will see this galaxy burn, even at the cost of our own lives."

"Even if your idea was sane, how do you plan to do it?"

"Simple, this tower is in fact an enormous warhead, it will be fired towards our sun, and when it impacts, it will make the sun go supernova. The Hobus incident will look like a firecracker in comparison to what we are about to unleash. by the time the explosion dissipates, the entire Quadrant will be burned, and much more besides, and we will take our retribution on the evil in this existence."

Krovennan hung his head, to see one of his own kind like this, it tore at his very sanity to think he was joking with him not a few minutes ago.

"I'll give you one last chance Krovennan, will you join us and take revenge on every wrong ever done? Will you have your name whispered in fear across the universe?"

Krovennan clecnhed his fist as he looked up again, his eyes betraying his insurmountable loathing.

"The only thing that will be whispered in fear is the swift justice I'll deal upon the psycopaths I once called my brothers. Blacksabre-E, execute stratagem Darksabre-Delta-4!"

An acknowledging chirp from Krovennan's combadge heralded a sudden explosion, the Blacksabre-E, which had apparently been listening to everything so far, opened fire on the Spire, the impacts from it's weapons shaking the spire enough for the guards to lose their balance, Krovennan, with no guns trained on him, swung around and attacked Tallasa and Gyzit's assailants, grabbing the chest of Tallasa's attacker and slamming him brutally against the wall behind him, winding him. Before Gyzit's attacker could retaliate, Tallasa was upon him, tackling into his legs and knocking him over, Gyzit got up quickly and went to grab Drehera. Krovennan ducked under a rifle blast from Velden, who had picked up a dropped rifle before he transported out of the Spire.

"Blacksabre-E, this is Krovennan, four to beam up, Energise!"

The Blacksabre-E wasted no time, beaming up all four immediately.