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# 8 Distorted Reflections Part 4
04-06-2012, 04:44 PM
The Blacksabre's transporter pad lit up before beaming in the group, Drehera, without the chair to hold her, fell almost immediately, her treatment by the Far Flown taking it's toll. The group, knwoing they6y could do little to help her, cleared the pad and had her transported to Sickbay, where the nurses would be able to look after her. As soon as Drehra was transported, Krovennan burst through the doors, marching his way to the Bridge, his crew directly behind him.

it only took a couple minutes before Krovennan stormed onto the Bridge, the bridge had heard all that had occured, and they knew now was not the time to trouble Krovennan with anything but the most important. Dale was the first to break the silence.

"Vice Admiral, I'm picking up large amounts of chatter from the surface, scans are also showing major energy fluctuations."

"On screen, maximum magnification."

The viewscreen lit up to show the city, the city was bustling with activity as every living soul in the city began to work, revealing hidden panels, barricading windows and doors, some were even taking up military positions, the majority of activity was in the Spire, where lifesigns raced to and fro, energy spikes running down the length of the tower. Suddenly, everything held still, and a plume of fire roared out from under the Spire. Everything was still for a minute, until the tower began to rise slowly. Velden was correct, the Spire was indeed an enormous warhead.

"Krovennan to Astrometrics. Anderson, Scan that thing, I want to know lifesigns."

"200 Vilscarans sir, including Velden's lifesigns, they are heading directly for the sun at their current trajectory. a kamikaze bomb."

"Understood, can we detonate the warhead from here?"

"No sir, it's too heavily shielded, the only way to deactivate it is from inside, the warhead works by bombarding the materials with radiation just before impact, if we deactivate it, it won't be irradiated and will just burn in the sun."

"Can we transport in?"

"It's difficult sir, I can only do one transport, and I would have to redirect so much power to break through that I could only send one person."

"I see, then we have no choice. transport me my combat gear, I will go."

Moments later, a set of combat gear, a Manna'gahr, and an Antiproton minigun were sent to the BRidge, Krovennan hurriedly started to place the gear on as Anderson chimed in again.

"Vice Admiral, if you cannot deactivate the warhead and the transporter inhibitors in time, you'll be right next to the apex of the explosion."

"I have no intention of staying that long, just make sure you are ready to beam me up. Prepare for transport."

Krovennan finished attaching his gear just as Tallasa moved towards him.

"Sir, you should not do this, let one of us go."

"No Tallasa, this is something I have to do, they are my people, its my responsibility. Do not worry, I will come back, so don't go adjusting that chair, you won't be sitting in it for long."

"Aye sir, I'll hold you to that."

"Krovennan to Transporter Room, lock on to me and set a location for as close to the warhead as you can. Energize."

Krovennan disappeared in a haze of blue light, Tallasa sighed and sat in the captain's chair, just as she sat down however, a blast rocked the Blacksabre violently. Tallasa got up and quickly took control of the situation.

"Dale, get me a view on what that was!"

"Aye Commander!"

The viewscreen shifted to a swarm of ships, the exact same as the Void Walker, they were firing weapons at the Blakcsabre, another hails of beams caused the ship to lurch again.

"I thought those things only had mining lasers."

"Apparently not Commander, they've been masking their energy emissions this entire time, doesn't seem like they are bothering now."

"Evasive Action, all power to Weapons, Shields and Engines. We won't be able to beam out the Vice Admiral under heavy fire, shoot to kill!"

The Blacksabre entered a wide roll as the swarm of ships zoomed past the far larger vessel and broke formation, using their superios agility to flank the ship. Tallasa prepared for a tough fight as the Blacksabre returned fire, and prayed that the Vice Admiral could pull through.

On the Spire, Krovennan had beamed into a room two floors below the top floor, where the warhead had been reported to be. Krovennan backed up into a wall as two guards entered the corridor he was in. Gripping his Manna'gahr, he waited until the pair's footsteps were right next to him, and then struck. The large blade cleaved through one soldier's chest, rending vital arteries and alerting the second soldier, but before he could get a shot off, Krovennan swung his blade in a backhanded fashion, ramming the rear tip into the man's jugular, but not before he called for help.

Krovennan heard the sound of rapidly approaching footsteps, and as luck would have it, it was in the path of where he needed to go. Sheathing his Manna'gahr, Krovennan readied his minigun, preparing the firing sequence. Just as soon as the first head peeked out, Krovennan opened fire, a hail of Antiproton bolts ushering forth from the weapon. The soldiers had come prepared with energy shields, but even they eventually fell under the hail of fire spewing from Krovennan's weapon. Krovennan suddenly had to stop for the weapon's power cells nearly overheating, thinkin fast, Krovennan held out his left arm and squeezed a fist trigger three times within the space of a second. a Plasma grenade launched froma receptacle on his arm, landing in the midddle of the surviving group and exploding into green fire.

Krovennan ran past the group, sheathing his weapon as he began climbing up a maintenence shaft to the top floor. He could hear footsteps behind him, knowing they'd look for him here. Sure enough, shots began firing at him from below, many of them scraping him and casuing him to lose his grip more than once. To end the problem, Krovennan fired a noher grenade below him, making the bottom of the ladder a death trap.

As he did this however, his grip faltered, Krovennan held on as hard as he could, his arm injured from a glancing shot from an Antiproton rifle. Krovennan knew that if he fell, the plasma would kill him, so he held on, grabbing the ladder with both hands again. When Krovennan had a secure grip, he began climbing again, wanting to get out of the shaft before the plasma cleared.

Krovennan reached the top floor, bursting through a cover in the floor, waiting to greet him was Velden. a smug grin on his face. he leaned to the side to look at Krovennan's Mana'gahr, soaking in blood.

"You have Vilscaran blood on your hands Krovennan, does it weigh on your conscience? The Harpy Mother weeping in her sleep at your actions, such a heavy burden."

"The deaths I have just committed weigh nothing to me, nor to the Harpy Mother. If she weeps for anyone, it is you, who has fallen so far."

"Fallen? No, I've ascended Krovennan, the Ascending Spire will carry me to the heavens, and split them open, I am a true Vilscaran, I do not allow madness to persist!"

"A true Vilscaran? I spit at the very notion. You have broken every tenet of our way in favour of madness. You are no Vilscaran, you are barely even a man!"

"Then let us settle that in combat, shall we?"

A silence fell over the room for a moment, before Krovennan replied.

"No. I will not waste honour on you Velden, I'll just kill you here and now."

"You deny me satisfaction?! My cause is righteous, you could never understand, you filthy maggot! DIE!!!"

Velden charged for Krovennan at blinding speed, Krovennan merely unslung his minigun and fired, the hail of bullets impacting Velden's Personal Shields. Velden begun to slow as the bolts impeded his progress, Krovennan merely stood cooly as he continued to fire.

"Tenet 21 Velden, actions shall be judged on merit alone, excuses should not be made..."

Velden's shields fell, and the bolts tore into his body, cauterizing wounds under the intense heat. Velden's gait became shaky, and eventually, he collapsed to the ground, he felt reprive from the hail of bolts for a second, and then breathed his last. Krovennan stood over the dead body.

"...for excuses are the refuge of the weak-willed."

Krovennan rushed to the console in the center, trajectory indicated that the Spire was less than a minute from impact, Krovennan furiously typed into the console, overriding safety protocols and disabling the warhead and the inhibitors. Krovennan sighed, he had stopped the explosion, now it was time to see if his crew could make it a good day...

Outside, the Blacksabre-E came up behind the Spire, which was beginning to burn as it neared the sun's atmosphere, the Blacksabre lined up with the tower and ran along the length of the building at full impulse. more Void Walkers were firing from behind, but seemed to have little success in hitting them. the Blacksabre pushed it's engines to maximum, dropping shields just as they were in range to cut through any interference.

Krovennan felt the familiar tingle of a Transporter, he grinned to himself. His crew had come through for him. he could not be prouder. On the Bridge, Tallasa saw the readout indicating a successful beamout, her heart skipped a beat at the knowledge her old friend was safe.

"Pull up Mr Dorryd, quickly! Get away from the spire!"

The Blacksabre banked up and to the right sharply, using thrusters and egnines, pushing the Inertia Stabilisers to their limits. The ship pulled away just shy of the corona and moved away at Full Impulse, the Void Walkers were not quick enough to notice this however, and were caught in the blast when the Spire exploded. An infinitely negligible explosion compared to the possible, but larg enough to engulf the majority of the ships.

Suddenly, a solar flare burst out from where the Spire impacted, a burst of flame followed by massive amounts of radiation. Tallasa watched as the radiation spikes cascaded outwards. Krovennan appeared on the Bridge just as the radiation engulfed the planet.

"No...Dale! Scan for life signs on the planet!"

"Sir, the number is rapidly decreasing, 80,000...40,000...15,000...7,000...2,000...800...S ir, they're gone."

Krovennan collapsed as he stared at the lifeless planet, he fell to his knees before falling sideways, as his vision blurred and darkened, he could see the Bridge crew rushing to his aid. His last though bfore losing conciousness, was how he felt responsible...