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Krovennan slowly woke, looking up at the bright white lights of Sickbay. His vision was blurred but was slowly returning to normal, as he regained feeling in his body, he looked sideways, he saw Drehera unconcious on a bio-bed next to him, a rythmic beeping telling him she was alive. Krovennan tried to sit up, but his injured arms betrayed him and he fell down again. Regardless, he tried to get up again, but a heavy hand rested on his shoulder, urging him to sit back down.

Krovennan tried to look the other way, and saw Tallasa in the distance, she was talking to a Starfleet Investigator, no doubt explaining the situationn with the Far Flown. Krovennan looked up to whoever was keeping him down, and was shocked to see Admiral Quinn himself standing over him.

"Don't get up Vice Admiral, it'll be a while before your limbs are back to their usual self again and they don't need any more stress."


"She took a beating, but she'll make a full recover, shes strong, like you."

"I'm not strong sir, what happened there, I bore witness to the deaths of tens of thousands, and all I could do was collapse."

"Your First Officer informed me of what happened out there. You did what you believed was best, that is something any Starfleet Officer should live up to. And I'm sure the Vilscaran Empire would agree."

"I should turn in my commendation, I managed to go out with the intention of First Contact, and ended up annihilating them instead."

"Vice Admiral Krovennan Darksabre, you risked everything to protect countless lives, there is no higher honour in the eyes of Starfleet! If your seeking punishment so hard, you can throw yourself at any number of enemies when you are out of here, but for now, take pride in the fact you won boy! A wise man once said "The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few". You saved many, and sacrificed relatively few. I'll not stand for such a defeatist attitude!"

Krovennan struggled to move his arm, bringing it up in a Starfleet salute.

"Aye sir."

"Good, now get some rest, you'll be in here for a while."

Krovennan looked back up as the Admiral left, drowsiness overtaking him, he thought back to the final fight on the Spire, maybe Quinn was right, perhaps he should remember the look in Velden's eyes as he talked of genocide. But before he could complete his thought, he fell asleep.