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04-06-2012, 05:52 PM
Some suggestions for music to play during the mission if you have access to it. First one listed is the one I think matches the best. The others in are not listed in any particular order.

I recommend the following sources:
The Legend of Dragoon Original Soundtrack (LOD)
Chrono Cross Original Soundtrak (CC)
Final Fantasy 8 Soundtrack (FF8)
Final Fantasy Tactics: Zodiac Brave Story Soundtrack (FZB)
Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack (FFX)
Xenosaga Episode 2 Movie Soundtrack (XE2)

On entering the Teneebia System: (LOD) Track 4-Serdian War World Map
(LOD) Track 19: Platinum Shadow World Map
(CC) Disc 1, Track 8: On the Beach of Dreams-Another World
(CC) Disc 1, Track 21: Voyage-Another World
(CC) Disc 1, Track 5: Voyage-Home World
(FFX) Disc 2, Track 4: Calm Before the Storm
(XE2) Disc 1, Track 23: Gate Out
(FF8) Disc 1, Track 3: Blue Fields
(FF8) Disc 3, Track 14: Salt Flats
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 16: Meeting with Algus
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 25: Desert Land

On beaming over to the Ikeya-Seki for the breifing: (FF8) Disc 1, Track 7-SeeD
(LOD) Track 12: Uneasy State
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 11: Cadets
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 31: Anxiety before the Battle
(FFX) Disc 3, Track 19: Moment of Truth
(FFX) Disc 1, Track 19: Decisision on the Dock
(FFX) Disc 3, Track 12: Launch
(CC) Disc 2, Track 4: Dragon Knight

On entering the Proxima Shipyards: (LOD) Track 17- Boss Battle 1 (Drake the Bandit, and others)
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 9: Trisection
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 12: Unavoidable Battle
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 28: Decisive Battle
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 38: Run Past Through the Plain
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 42: Back Fire
(TZB) Disc 2, Track 3: Antipyretic
(FF8) Disc 1, Track 19: The Man with the Machine Gun
(FF8) Disc 1, Track 10: Force Your Way
(FF8) Disc 1, Track 8 The Landing
(CC) Disc 1, Track 2: Between Life and Death
(XE2) Disc 2, Track 6: A field of battle~bitter 2
(FFX) Disc 3, Track 8: Pursuit/The Advancers
(FFX) Disc 3, Track 14: Raid/ Assault

When the Dreadnaught is detected: (FF8) Disc 2, Track 5-Only a Plank Between One and Perdition
(LOD) Track 13: Enemy Attack
(TZB) Disc 1, Track 31: Tension 1
(FFX) Disc 1, Track 16: Enemy Attack
(CC) Disc 3, Track 11: Dragon God