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04-06-2012, 07:37 PM
my only real requests is some sort of system for reporting and penalties for griefers and campers in STF. A vote to kick system would be great with a 2 hour penalty if they are kicked. it is sad that 4 players end up with a leaver penalty because a griefer makes it impossible to finish or fails the mission on purpose.

also if somebody is on your ignore list you should not be put into a STF with them.. these are about the only in game content we have around here why not work on making it more pleasant.. you guys are allowing players to get from creation to 50 in a weekend if you want to keep them around make end game more enjoyable.

also i would like to be able to decide which bridge officers i have on my bridge and not have some random npc put on my bridge when i have bridge officers in stations but they are not on my bridge.