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I have one issue with this system that is pretty much the only thing I haven't seen remedied but I will say a lot of frustrations I did have with it have been remedied. The main issue is being that a lot of the more fun things like say these chains you go hunt down these missions all over the map. The frustrating thing is some of us who didn't have much else to do while nothing was going on built numerous characters that we came to enjoy after investing time into them. Where this clashes with the dilithium system as well as grinding dilithium there isn't much time in a day to go do all these chains as well as going after dilithium with all these characters. One thing I would recommend is us being able through the website designating one character as the personal fleet of characters leader where we can cycle through on this character the other characters missions for each place we go too. As well for the time spent hunting down these versus doing dilithium grind missions I do not feel the time versus these missions adequately rewards the player. Plus that password thing having to relog like that is a major nuisance when trying to do this as well. I am just hoping something like this comes where I could adequately get the doff missions on my characters as well as get their dilithium caps in a reasonable amount of time spent in the game.