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04-07-2012, 03:33 AM
Originally Posted by lushros
Hey guys, I need an opinion. I know there is a thread on the first page about this very same topic, but the regulars of this thread seem to be the most knowledgeable bunch when it comes to Escorts and STFs. What with the sale and bonus CP weekend, I've decided to buy a new ship. I primarily use the Advanced Escort right now, and I'm having a tough time deciding between the Defiant Retrofit and MVAE. I've done some research into the subject, and I know the pros and cons of both ships. I was just hoping to get a few more opinions about them. I only do PvE (Elite STFs), and if I ever do PvP I probably won't be very serious about it. I know the Defiant and its cloaking device is great for PvP. I'm just wondering which ship you guys prefer, and why.
I have both ships. I don't use cloak or MVAM. For me it comes down to the Ensign slot. Defiant-R gives you a tac ens and the AE gives you a Sci Ens. I flew the Defiant for along time. Lately though, I've though I've been flying the Advanced with Tachyon Beam in the Sci Ens slot. Since I also have torpedo spread 3 I like having a little bit of extra punch to knock down the shields before I cut loose with my torp launcher. I find it helpful, especially against tac cubes.