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04-07-2012, 04:36 AM
the MVAE is less of a good choice for dealing maximum dmg, but it has higher srvivability than the defiant. If you do alot of PVP your choice should be defiant for the cloak.
If you are a science officer go for the MVAE, with the LtCmdr. sci slot you are the only escort capable of Gravity Well, or some Rank 3 heals. If you are specced right this one ability can make a sci in an escort a powerfull hybrid between DD and healer. Both ships are equally devastating in the right hands.

But if you tend towards one or the other, go with your gutts. Escorts raign superior over all!
I tend to see the defiant a better choice for tactical officers...don't know why, but it just feels right.

PS: i have both, my tac uses the defiant, my sci the MVAE but as a advanced escort (ltd. sci and ensign sci, instead of ltdcmdr sci)
i love the "WTF!" in zone chat when i pop my photonic fleet and attack vector, and the enemy is confronted with 6 ships^^
But team PVP is awesome as well when 3 defiant "alpha decloak" on a cruiser and he dies after 10sec...fully buffed or not.